Complete guide about gambling in Michigan.

Michigan Online Casinos

The US state of Michigan is slowly and steadily becoming a powerhouse in online betting. Comprehensive gambling bills have passed both housed of the legislature and will become law once Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s signs them. As a result, Michigan residents will soon have a wide range of online casinos and online gaming experience at their fingertips. Michigan online casinos will soon begin to offer online poker, sports betting, and casino gambling. As expected, legalization should be the first step. Both state regulators and potential casino operators have a huge task before them. Fortunately, going by the text of the bill along with other bits of information, we can already see that online gambling in Michigan will be on top of the world.

Launch dates for Michigan online casinos

The passing of the online gambling laws and the launching of online gaming are two different things. The main question surrounds the debut of the first Michigan online gambling site. This is because both operators and regulators must work out the fine details surrounding the gaming infrastructure and rules. We have made several attempts to get as much information as possible and we can guarantee you that Michigan residents will finally play their favorite casino games on their mobile phones.

A communication specialist with the Michigan Betting Control Board asserts that the first app for online sports betting will go live in 2021 as at this time the board will have developed comprehensive rules for online gaming. Based on what happened in other states, such a timeline seems to go against the norms. Sports betting often go live two or three months after retail betting goes live. Going by this formula, in case retail betting goes live in March 2020, online sports betting should go live in June 2020.

However, the launch of online casinos in Michigan is a bit harder to predict. Launches in other states haven’t followed a typical timeframe. For example, launches in New Jersey needed only a few months after legalization. The launch of online poker is even trickier for several reasons. One, online poker will most likely require the state of Michigan to join the multi-state compact to remain viable. The success of online poker relies on skilled players, therefore, there would be a barrier to entry for novice players unlike other forms of gambling. Without the chance to introduce fresh blood into the player pool, online poker might therefore not grow so well. Online poker is also not as lucrative for lawmakers and operators as other forms of betting. Although poker has a religious following, there’s a feeling that the bottom line might be better served by having more live dealer games or slot titles.

Does Michigan have brick-and-mortar casinos?

Michigan boasts of 19 tribal land-based casinos owned by 13 Native American tribes. The state also has three commercial casinos, which include the venerable Greektown Casino and the MGM Detroit. These Michigan’s tribal casinos are owned by several Indian groups such as the Saginaw Chippewa tribe, the Sault tribe, and the Ojibwa tribe found throughout the Midwest.

We can say “yes,” online gaming is legal in Michigan. After years of formulating text of the bill, Gretchen Whitmer signed into law the Lawful Gaming Bill. This law opened the flood gates for virtually any form of online betting. This means that the 23 tribal casinos currently present in Michigan, can now apply for operating permits to offer online gaming. The bill also proposes to use the proceeds from the newfound industry to fund education, which seems to be a common target in most states. Also, Michigan online gaming sites will be mandated to provide medical support to the state’s first responders.

Yes, charitable gambling is legal in Michigan. Several bingo halls in Michigan generate revenue for police departments, churches, veteran’s groups, fire departments, and other non-governmental organizations. The state also has Millionaire Parties, which are a type of poker night with casino games and raffles. However, for you to host a Millionaire Party, you have to get a license from the Michigan Gaming Control Board. These parties gained huge popularity in 2012 when they gained full legitimacy.

Among other states in the US, Michigan has failed to exempt social gambling from anti-gambling regulations. In short, social gaming on popular sites like Big Fish Games, PlayMGM, and Zynga is illegal as of the moment. However, gaming on “bona fide” games is legal.

Michigan online casino apps

The best Michigan online casinos will have mobile apps to allow for playing while on the go. As expected, the process of playing online through a mobile application will be almost identical. Typically, both Android and Apple users will have their dedicated apps. Apple users can expect to download the casino app from the app store without deviating from the standard procedures. You’ll simply search for the casino app in the Apple app store and press the link to download. However, you’ll need to be extra careful when downloading the app. Choose an app that’s appropriate to Michigan. Some states demand different versions of the same app, so it will be important to confirm that the app description specifically mentions the state of Michigan. It’s unfortunate for android users as they’ll have to navigate Google’s ban on betting apps in the Google app store. They’ll need to use their phone’s browsers to access the casino’s browser version. From here, the site will prompt your phone to download and install a file. Make sure your phone can accept app installations from unverified sources before going on with this step. Every player will access the browser version of the specified casino on their preferred browser. Whether using Safari, Chrome, or any other form of browsing program, the gambling site should automatically recognize the interface and optimize it to fit the screen.

Best Michigan online casinos

Online gambling sites in Michigan are going to outnumber the state’s brick and mortar casinos. Each casino will be eligible to launch its online version, provided it acquires a license. In a move uncommon in other states, Michigan’s gambling law also applies to its tribal casinos. As of the moment, other states have only focused on commercial properties and have either depended on their existing compacts or reserved the issues of tribal casinos for a later discussion. However, a majority of the state’s 26 casinos are tribal properties, therefore, it makes sense to not just legalize online gaming for only three commercial casinos. The gaming act prevents either form of a casino from gaining any advantage over others. It stipulates that no tribal casino will offer online gaming if there is no commercial casino licensed to operate and vice versa.

List of Michigan casinos

The US state of Michigan is home to several gambling options that are both on and offline. The state boasts of several land-based casinos spread throughout the state, but more concentrated in big cities like Detroit. Until recently, Michigan didn’t have any regulated or legalized casino system, and that didn’t mean that online casinos are illegal. There has never been reported one story of a person who got in trouble for gambling at an online casino. As gambling laws take shape, you can expect online casinos in Michigan to become a real deal and more widespread. Canada, which is just across the border, has rich casino options that force Michigan to up its game. It will be interesting to see what Michigan will do since many neighboring states have continued to show significant interest in online casinos as well.

It’s a bit uncertain which online casinos will debut first in Michigan. It’s unlikely that one Michigan casino will gain a significant head start over the other. The launch may delay as one group may have to wait for the other to debut first. As you wait for online casinos to debut in Michigan, you can try your luck at Chumba Casino. The casino operates using a sweepstakes model allowing the site to be available in most parts of the US. Here’s a list of Michigan casinos you can expect to debut online gambling sites:

  • Vegas casino
  • Wild casino
  • Bovada casino
  • Betonline casino
  • Cherry Gold Casino

Michigan Online Sports Betting

The biggest win for the residents of Michigan will be the chance to bet on sports. Part of the proposed law seeks to legalize online sports and retail betting in Michigan. The bill explicitly grants operators the opportunity to offer any form of gambling in online casino sites. In other words, the law permits Michigan casinos to open land-based sportsbooks.

Which sportsbooks can you expect?

Some of the earliest launches are likely to come from the biggest operators like Penn National Gaming and MGM. So it shouldn’t be a surprise to see the appearance of the DraftKings Michigan or the BetMGM.

Michigan Online Lottery Games

Michigan is home to a handful of online lottery games. You have at your disposal nearly 90 games for purchase at the Michigan Online Lottery. Instant scratcher is the primary game available. Instant scratchers play like their retail versions, only that you don’t need a coin. You’ll also get the opportunity to buy tickets for draw games. Lottery games come with mega jackpots extending into millions of dollars, and they include Powerball, Mega Millions, and Lotto 47.

Michigan Online Poker

Until lately, online poker has been an afterthought for a majority of online casinos all over the US. The already shrunk pool of options to play has left only a few operators still fighting for a market share. Since Pennsylvania launched the online version of poker, the card game is on the resurgence. Adding Michigan to the fold will, therefore, strengthen its upswing.

What poker sites should you expect?

Although it’s too early to predict which poker operators will appear in Michigan, the partnerships that will develop in the coming months will inform you of what brands to expect. The population of the state will draw significant interest from big players. Therefore, Michigan players will not be overlooked. In the meantime, you can have a look at Global Poker. Like its counterpart, Chumba Casino, Global Poker applies a sweepstakes model that offers players real-time action.

In as much online gambling isn’t illegal in its entirety in Michigan, proper regulation and the law governing the system are necessary. Moving forward you can expect the best Michigan online casinos to begin popping up all over the state as the gambling act is implemented. Choosing the best casino to play will of course not be a problem as most of these online casinos expected to come will follow the same path followed in other states of the US and around the world.