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The internet has become the most liquid environment for the global online industry. This environment is always changing, not always for better, but always changing. As a marketplace operating majorly on the internet, the online casino industry has become the most liquid in the history of gambling. This is however both good and bad news for online gamblers. It’s good news considering that there are low barriers for entry, and launching a new casino is pretty easy, meaning that there are numerous choices. It’s bad news considering that the low entry barriers are also low for scammers and poor-quality operators. The internet is rather a free-market and a mixed placed: it has both the good and the bad. It’s therefore easy to get around laws and regulations on the internet.

List of Best New Casinos

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We will tell you about
  1. How to spot good casinos
  2. Find a new casino bonus
  3. A safe guide
  4. About the safe new casinos

New casino: Safe playing means playing legally

If you’d like to gamble safe online, then you have to play legally. Unfortunately, some gamblers don’t want to take this lesson on board. If you aren’t legally entitled to gamble at an online casino, then you better not do it. In case there has been enacted a licensing act in your country indicating that you’re too young to play: then don’t play. If you can fund your online casino account using the only allowed method of payment, don’t dare to get around that. This is a warning we give to bitcoin users who are often tempted to join online casinos offering cryptocurrencies as a payment method, which itself is a warning sign about the reputation of the casino.

When signing up at a new casino, you really need to check that the casino is licensed in your jurisdiction at the front page. When you begin playing illegally, whether geographically, by age, or maybe you had a bad credit, or you were banned by a gambling site, you only put yourself in a position where the casino can freeze your account legitimately and you’ll be left with no legal recourse.

Safety guide to a new casino

Gambling is habit forming, and this is why it’s highly regulated and licensed. This isn’t the time to talk about gambling addiction, but if it’s good enough for the WHO, then it’s good enough for us too. On top of verifying that your new casino is licensed to operate safely and legally, you should ensure that you have your wits about you. This means making sure that you’re in a stable condition when gambling. Honestly, you shouldn’t gamble when under the influence of alcohol or otherwise intoxicated. Also, refrain from gambling when you’re in a bad mood, or when using gambling as a way of altering your moods. Gambling won’t help in such cases, and you only run the risk of even making everything worse by celebrating the new casino with huge losses. This issue is particular with new casinos as they try to entice new players with unreasonably sweet offers, that the players often tend to overplay.

We advise that you refrain from over-filling your account when you start playing at an online casino, and you should actually use a payment method that puts a hold on cashing your account. Ensure that you’re familiar with all the self-restraining operations on the new casino. However, you’d better look elsewhere if it’s all about exciting new casino bonuses instead of up-to-date safety facilities. We want all members here to find new casinos that work for them, and that they can gamble online without having to worry about their health and bank balance.

Safe new online casinos

Every year sees new technology coming on board, and players and bad guys as well, also find new ways of exploiting it. Therefore, when looking for a new casino in 2020, make sure you do a few safety checks before signing up. First, you need to confirm that you’re in a safe address. Confirm that the URL matches the title of the new casino. Also, you need to check that the site has good help options, and that the casino has a verifiable street address.

As we have already mentioned, entry barriers are low for new casinos. Scammers capitalize on this very much. They just want to set up a gambling site quickly as possible, so anything that hints to bad design, bad tech, poor games choices, or over-generous bonuses could be an indicator of a dodgy new casino.

How to spot a good new casino?

There’s still hope in several new casinos. A good new casino will feature design specs you won’t find in a dodgy site. It should be beautiful, and feature some beautiful animations and visual tricks to entertain you as you browse. You’ll also need to check that your new casino offers a good supply of renowned games, which you can easily find your way around. Be cautious of a new casino that will push you towards a slim selection of games of the newest titles. You should have the freedom to select what you want.

Choice really matter

Lots of trusted payment methods is a plus for a new casino. A safe casino should let you cash your account not only from your bank account, but also from a range of electronic wallets, such as Paysafecard, Neteller, and Skrill. It’s also good to have a choice taking you beyond the simple slots. Most players online like a range of online gaming options. However, this applies to not only casino games and live streaming casino games, but also interactive surround 360-degree live streaming games. Sports betting is popular among slot players. Bingo is a part of this area of entertainment, so a new casino should have an add-on or even a link to this option as well. The more the choices, the better.

A new casino bonus

In order to get you through the doors of the casino for the first time, a new casino will have on offer a few promotional tricks, and they have perfected this through free money. You shouldn’t decline such an offer, but it shouldn’t blind you from realizing the actual cost of gambling. It’s so clear a new casino will offer a casino bonus in return for something. For some, you have to deposit your own money to be eligible for the bonus.

We have enumerated a number of warnings here, but they shouldn’t put you off exploring the exciting opportunities that come with new online casinos. You won’t miss bad guys in any business, but some common sense, a bit of good information, and a moment’s thought can go a long way in giving you an enjoyable and rewarding online gambling experience.


What kind of banking options do new online casinos in general offer?

We would say the most popular banking option for now and in the future is PayPal. Fast, easy and smooth payments that many American citizens use on a regular base.

Why should I look for New Online Casinos in the USA?

New Online Casinos can offer you a better experience. New investments have been leading to a much higher quality in general. Also, as playing casinos is a fairly new phenomenon new online casinos can just be casinos opening in new states so you finally can play.

In which states can I find new online casinos?

All new online casinos that are opening in 2019 and 2020 are located in New Jersey or Pennsylvania. We try to search the market as often as possible so you can find the latest casino sites in our top list.