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All you need to know about Online slots

Slot machines have been casinos’ gambling favorite. Now slots have moved to the virtual world, where you can access them on your desktop or on your phone. It’s therefore time to know everything about this world’s greatest gambling software. However, there are myths and misconceptions about how online slots work. You may be interested in winning some cash from an online slot machine, but you just don’t know how they operate.

The Random Number Generator (RNG)

In each online slot game, there’s a computer element that is referred to as the Random Number Generator (RNG), of which the main objective is to generate random sequences in millisecond intervals each day. RNGs produce at all times random and different series of numbers every time you click the bet max or the spin button. The RNG is applied on all online casinos to determine the results of various online slots offered. The outcomes of online slots are dependent on a combination of algorithms as well as the RNG software, and only these systems determine the outcome of every spin you place a bet on. The outcomes of all previous spins are irrelevant to the outcomes of any other spin.

How the Random Number Generator works?

It’s good to understand that online slots don’t have a memory, and neither the RNG nor any other part of online slots knows when you’ve lost big or won big. The system doesn’t know whether you’ve stayed all day without a single win or whether you just hit a mega jackpot. Your fate is however determined by a set of mathematical equations, and when you initiate a play sequence, it’s instantly determined by the RNG. It’s also important to note that the results of your online slots spins are never pre-programmed to give specific outcomes.

When you initiate a spin, the random number generator begins to give out whole numbers at the rate of hundreds every second. Whatever number the RNG is at the moment you hit the mouse determines what symbol the reels will land on. So, the only thing that will affect the outcome of your spin is the split second you decide to click on the mouse.

When you hit the start button on a 3-reel slot game, for example, 3 numbers are recorded from the random number generator for each reel. The first number to be recorded dictates the 1st reel’s position, the second number dictates the 2nd reel’s positions, and the third dictates the 3rd reel’s position. The same rule applies for five-reel slots as well as other online slots.

What are the benefits of RNGs?

If you were misinformed about online slots and slot machines in general, now you know that the outcomes of your spins are independent and totally different from those of previous spins. RNG software is tested rigorously before use to protect players from any form of manipulation. Therefore, RNG software is fair and safe.

Reputable online casinos operate RNGs certified by the Technical Systems Testing (TST). Although online slots have evolved stemming from an advanced gaming technology that continues to evolve each day, the fundamental principle of operation of RNGs remains the same.

Discover the various types of online slots

You will find different types of online slots available on both online and land-based casinos. In case you take a peek at online casinos these days, you will realize that new online slots pop up on a regular basis. This is why online casinos are able to offer such a wide collection of slot games. In fact, some casinos have a portfolio of well over 2,000 games, which is a bit impressive when you think about it.

Online slots: 3 reel classic slots

3-reel classic slots, also termed as fruit machines, were the first slot machines to be invented. The slots are symbolized by 3 reels with several symbols on them. These symbols normally include bars, cherries, playing cars, and lemons. 3-reel classic slot games only have a single payline. This implies that you can only achieve a winning combination only when symbols line up on the center line of the three reels. However, there are 3-reel slot games offering 3 or 5 paylines. When it comes to 3 paylines, they are normally spread across the top, bottom, and middle of the reels while 5 paylines include the 3 plus top right to bottom left and top left to bottom right.

Online slots: 5-reel slot machines

The 5-reel slot machines are much like the 3-reel slots, only with 5 reels instead of three. Winning on a 5-reel slot is a bit difficult, but much more rewarding. The 5-reel slot machine offers a wild symbol acting as a joker with the objective of helping you come up with a winning combination.

Video slots

Of all types of online slots, video slots are the most popular. Video slots come in various themes as well as thousands of variations all available online. Therefore, it’s no surprise that they are excelling in the online gambling industry. Video slots normally come with 5 or 7 reels, and sometimes 9 reels. They come jam-packed with up to 50 paylines giving players several winning combinations.

Bonus online slots

These slots are favored by most online players. A bonus slot gives you free spins in case you land at least three bonus symbols anywhere on the reels. A majority of online slots offer free spins.

Progressive jackpots

This is where you’ll find big money. Progressive jackpot slots are available in several formats and shapes. They are available as 3-reel, 5-reel, video slots, and much more. A progressive jackpot online slot works by collecting a portion of players’ bets into a common pool, which helps build the jackpot. The jackpot amount will continue to build up until a lucky player hits the winning combination.

Online slots have made huge steps in the casino world, and have a very colorful history. Today you’ll find several types of online slots with a myriad of dynamics of the games. It's now much easier to find a game with your preferred theme.

How video slots work

Video online slots feature an average of 50 individual paylines, but this can go up to 100 or more. When you hit the play button, the program will draw 5 numbers randomly each on every reel. Then, the reel numbers will stop depending on the numbers assigned to each by the RNG. The system will then quickly calculate the complex arithmetic behind your loss or win when the last reel stops. The prices are automatically and instantly summed up in your account balance. When you are awarded free spins or a bonus round, the reels will spin consistently through the same RNG process.


What are online slots?

Classic slot machines are located at land-based casinos and are a thrilling game played with the purpose of entertainment and the chance of winning some money. Online slots are slot machines converted online and played on your phone or a computer.

What kind of online slots is available online?

Online slots are developed by different game providers like NetEnt, Play N Go and Yggdrasil. Some classic games are Starburst and Mega Fortune.

Is it more fun to play online slots before land-based slots?

We would say it's the same amount of fun. But, playing on your phone or computer makes it easy for you to access the casino without even leaving your home.